Bloom VIII: Ascension

Bloom Festival

DEADLINE: Please have this submission in by July 15 at 11:59pm – No longer excepting Applications, we look forward to seeing you at the show!

We are happy to announce that Bloom is on the schedule for 2021. We’ve missed it and we’ve missed you. Please apply today to get your application seen.

This year we will have the event on September 18. We are condensing everything back down to one day this year, meaning, our slots are limited for performers. Please respect other performers by only applying for one performance this year. The show will also be all indoors, except for fire. So please keep this in mind <3
This year’s audition process will be a lot like previous years. This is not just an application, it is an audition. This means, the video link you submit to us needs to be the choreography you plan to use at Bloom. This can be a practice video, but it serves to help us learn more about what you’re doing so we know where to place you within the show. Thank you, as always, for supporting our communities and being a large part of what brings this city (state, and country) together, in one space, to celebrate all forms of artistry! <3

**Please limit your performance time to 4 minutes**