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As a small child, Sarah discovered enjoyment in making people smile, as she would sing and dance for her family. Throughout her childhood, she participated in jazz, tap, ballet, and a slurry of sports. She landed on gymnastics, and she competed for 13 years, finally stepping back after graduating high school and moving to South Carolina. Throughout her time in high school as a competitive cheerleader, she also studied theater and art, participating in many different productions as an actress, as well as stagehand and set designer. Between high school graduation, Sarah participated in several runway shows, modeling and performing with various shows. In 2008, Sarah discovered belly dance and began practicing and performing regularly. From 2009-2013, Sarah performed with the Jewels of the Caravan, an award winning belly dance troupe,  at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. She performed both belly dance, as well as, fire. During this time period, Sarah began working more with eating fire and exploring various fire props. In 2012, the discovery of aerial arts changed her whole life. She began training aerial silks, leading to performing in several large shows. Soon after, she took on performing on lyra, trapeze, and now straps. She often works with her dance partner, Satya on duo work on lyra, silks, and trapeze. Sarah is known for her character work and audience interaction. She is available to perform belly dance, fire (eating, breathing, and many props), trapeze, silks, straps, hand-balancing, and duo work with her partner.


Contemporary Bellydance
Belly Dance with Drum Solo
Trapeze – Bloom 2021
Sarah on Silks

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