Promo Kit

Dance, Fire, & Aerial

Their performance style is very unique and incredibly diverse, covering a wide range of skills and human emotions. Focusing on each piece as an immersive story, their goal is to make the audience feel. Whether that feeling be joy, sadness or any of the multitude of feelings in between, their hope is to inspire others to see the possibilities in themselves and the world around them.


“Satarah brings such an amazing, innovative and creative vibe to their entertainment. Their energy is infectious and they are multifaceted with fire eating, belly dancing, aerials. You are wowed by the diversity in their
abilities and talents. They are professionals with over twenty years of combined experience and it shows. You will certainly be impressed if they are coming to a venue near you.”
-Michele Henn Emcee of Queen City Femme Fest

“For the past 3 years it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Satarah as a volunteer for BLOOM. And I hope my volunteer duty will continue for many years to come. The ladies have worked tirelessly to make
these shows truly incredible experiences for all, young and old alike, and it has been a true honor to watch them perform and make a truly wonderful artistic contribution to our community.” -David Fullam

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